A Java software engineering company located in Haarlem. They needed someone to fill the gap between design and programming. The first project I started on was Doxxer, working closely together with a designer, interaction designer and the programmers.

After a while I noticed that the company website was a mess, presentations had no company style, brochures where old and even our e-mail had no proper styling. It was time to do something about that!

In my first year at Chess iX a new OR (Ondernemingsraad, Employees council) had to be formed. I applied and after an election joined the OR. During my period as an OR member i learned a lot about Dutch law and the responsibilities of employer and employees. It is really interesting to see the inner workings of a company, especially during uneasy times.

With great power comes great responsibility.

A year later i was asked to join an assignment in Amsterdam for half a year. They needed someone there to do what I do – Fix stuff. I joined our project members there, soon after i was working on all project. I suggest a design team and we got one. After a year I was ready to leave but they decided they needed my skillset a bit longer. I really enjoyed working with them banking folks and stayed for an extra few months.

When I returned to homebase I immediately jumped into some nice projects like: Sportcentrum Papendal, Scheidt&Bachman, FaregoMASAI and Pecunda. Meanwhile a lot had changed and the company was in the middle of the rebranding process into Ximedes.


Chess iX website

THe old Chess iX website

Concept proposition

Concept design

Christmas greetings card

Chess iX Christmas card

Christmas banner

Company presentation

Company presentation

See example presentation: Chess iX company presentation