After finishing my education (is it ever?) i started as a teacher over at Learnit. During my interview they were convinced that i would become a great addition to the team. I, who had absolutely no experience in teaching, wasn’t so sure. Still i gave it a try and it turned out to be a rollercoaster ride.

First i joined up with other teachers to learn the ropes. Soon after i was teaching my own photoshop, illustrator, indesign, html and css classes. From one day in the week to three days (somewhere in the Netherlands) and one evening and friday class in Amsterdam. I wrote my own courses and improved the existing training material. After three years i wanted to broaden my horizon and left the company to start working as a front-end developer. To thank everybody and say goodbye i’ve organised a BBQ party from within my old LT28 volkswagen camper (In case you are wondering. I’ve sold it a few years ago, really miss that thing!)

Two years later i decided to start my own company. I really enjoyed teaching and so i enrolled again for three days a week. The other two days i used for building website for small companies.  Then i found a really nice office space and used one room for private training sessions as Goede Training.

Currently the domain is down but i’ve made some (old) training material available as a download. Hope you enjoy it!

Goede Training Mailchimp (pdf)

Goede training Photoshop layers (pfd)

Goede Training Business Card