In the Netherlands  we celebrate “Sint Maarten” (Saint Martin) and it has many similarities to Halloween.  We don’t really celebrate Halloween, it’s more a commercial thing (buying decorations, themed parties) and not people going from door to door.

I always wanted to attend a Halloween party just for the “being a Zombie” part. But i never made the actual effort until we started playing the Pathfinder rpg boardgame (I’m playing an Alchemist btw). Combining these two together created the perfect opportunity and a legit reason to order dry ice, ha!

Weeks of preparation and days of work changed our apartment into a Halloween dungeon. I really enjoyed using my creativity in a different way. Recycling old books, paper and other materials into Halloween props.

Cake or Death ?

Cake or Death ?

Old books

Old books made by making old books look older. It’s time to kill some chickens…


Tombstone made from the foam out of an old mattress. Recycling old stuff into older looking stuff…



Paper mache skull replicas from a paperweight stone skull. Wrap your head around that!

Halloween costume

My halloween costume. Led glasses, colored eye lenses, make-up and some bandages.

Skeleton ribcage

Skeleton ribcage made from paper mache and silver foil.

Alchemical concuction The Dry ice effect

Eyeballs Tortured soul