Most of us like to travel to faraway places. Meet new people, dive into other cultures or just chilling out on a beautiful beach. We’ve been there, done that, enjoyed it and also ran into trouble during our travels.

The hotel lost your booking, on arrival you found out the event got canceled because of rain, your plane is three hours late but you are already there. Stuff just happens! But how to improve the experience? There are so many factors to take into account. Is it even possible ?

Well you can’t fix it all and when you think of it why fix it when it’s not really broken. Wait, what? Really? But we can still improve it! We can make the experience more seamless…

We like clothing without seams, it saves you from irritated skin during sports. So, when you think of it. Seamless traveling would cause you less irritation.

What irritates you the most when traveling ? All the paperwork, losing oversight, sales folks trying to lure you somewhere, getting no help when you need it.. We came up with allot more “irritating moments” then this small list. But i don’t want to remind you of all of your “not so great” travel moments.

We do want the help, we do want the insider tips and we do want to know what is going on right now. The only way to make this work is to make a personal travel agent always available to you. This personal travel agent will help you on your journeys. It should not matter if it’s a 5min bike ride or a 5 month trip to Australia. But he/she should be easily reachable through for example your phone?

We’re now talking about an app you can use to chat with your travel companions and your agents. Think of a whatsapp but with integrated navigation and trip/travel options. You can always ask for info, will be informed of changes in the schedule, look up all the things you can do in the area and all your travel info is stored in a secure place (like tickets etc). Wow, that would be really handy! The only downside is of course that you will need a charged phone.  We can work with that!

Have a look at this use case: form a group, share a profile, use that profile to search, book everything you need yourself or let a travel agent help you out, receive and safely store the info and travel documents, stay up to date with changes like delays and cancelations and much more…

Usecase: MASAI group travel