Be-in Be-out, no paper ticket or card needed to make a check-in or out at the train/bus/metro etc. You just walk into the bus, your phone checks in with the bus system. Half an hour later you arrive at your destination, you thank the bus driver and walk out of the bus. You are now automagically checked out on your phone. The fare price will be withdrawn from your account at (for example) the end of the month.

Traveling with public transport this way would be awesome. We were asked to figure out how to make this happen. A team was formed with some hard- and software guys, a security pro and me. I made a themable concept design and discussed ideas about the flow and interaction of the app.

Lots of different technologies were tried and tested (WIFI, gps, Beacons etc), results compared, progress made and eventually this project evolved into the Farego project. Tell me more! 

GVB concept

Scheidt & Bachman

Toronto public transport