Imaging a stadium full of people during a football match. How did they all get there? All of them entered with a ticket, a ticket they got from someone of bought themselves. You bought a ticket from one of the hundred maybe even thousand places selling them. All tickets correspond to a seat, you and your friends have four of them in a row.

Good and very fast software made it possible that you and not someone else, who was looking at those same seats, bought those tickets. Luckily for you, there will be no one else with tickets for these seats…. right?

So, someone must have thought it all out. How many seat are available. How many are reserved V.I.P spots. How many these-people-don’t go-well-together-so-do-not-place-them-next-to-each-other-seats. How many seats are sold only by company x … etc. etc.

It’s not as easy as you think! So one of the sales guys had an idea to make this easier. We’ve made a concept on how to create a stadium. Now we only needed a really fast way to sell the actual tickets. We organised a company wide competition to figure out whom of us could build the fastest software to sell all seats within mere seconds. We’ve succeeded!How awesome is that!


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