Early 2015 a company named Magna Carta was struggling with their hardware solutions. The old standard of payment called “chipknip” would be decommissioned in the beginning of 2016 and they had no alternative. Chess iX had the solution but was lacking customers in the food service industry.  The two joined together and rebranded to Ximedes.

The decision was made to use an external design company to do the rebranding. I joined in halfway to, and this may surprise you, fix stuff! The brochures weren’t done yet, we had no rebranded newsletter and several things went wrong with the website. Projects were also struggling with missing icons, designs that didn’t look like they wanted and misunderstandings between designers and programmers.

Unfortunately for me, management had decided to focus on software development and software programmers only. This mend that after four years it was time for me to leave the company because design and front-end work was dwindling.


Ximedes brochures

Have a look at these nice brand new brochures:

  1. Facility Pro
  2. Pecunda

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